venerdì 25 novembre 2011

Provo a tradurre emozioni...

Tell me a story.
A beautiful story in which you love me more than anything else. A story in which I can go free for the world and dance like Snoopy.
And the soundtrack would be the warm voice of Eddie, or a Red Hot's song that reminds me of the our first meeting that day full of light in which we began to exist together.
No wait ... There is nothing like that, just a Botero'spainting in the doctor's office, with its shelves full of pills ordered and ...
Let's go home. I will show mileage sculptures made from colored post-it: it means huge walls of small notes to remember.
What book are you reading now? (Evening winter that cuts like a knife). Near the pillow I have a stack of novels and comic books bought in installments from S.
Each word enriches my tomorrow.
Tell me a story ...

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